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1 ETH = 2,500KPR

Working towards and accessible and affordable source of medicinal relief

KPR Medical Solutions will supply Australia and eventually the world with high quality Medicinal Cannabis products B2B through the pharmaceutical industry.

This crowdfunding project will unite KPR Medical Solutions and RMA as 100% renewable and eco-friendly farms. KPR Medical Solutions aims to supply Australia and eventually the world with high quality Medicinal Cannabis products through the pharmaceutical industry. RMA will supply hash power to the Bitcoin infrastructure in the form of transactions. Both KPR Medical Solutions and RMA envisage to become leaders in their respective fields.

Participate now in one of Australia's most highly anticipated ICO's of 2018

The Roadmap

FEB 2017

SEP 2017

FEB 2018

MAR 2018

MAY 2018

JUN 2018

JUL 2018

AUG 2018

SEP 2018

Oct 2018

JAN 2019

JUL 2019

• KPR Coin development commenced

FEB 2017

• The KPR founders joined as a team

SEP 2017

• Soft launch of the KPR Coin ICO

FEB 2018

• Increased professional partnerships to unlock KPR's potential leased farmland and applied for hemp licence

MAR 2018

• Pre-ICO period launch

MAY 2018

• ICO period launch

JUN 2018

• List KPR Coin on financial exchanges

• Start development of blockchain functionality in supply chain process

• Purchase farmland

• Purchase solar paneling

JUL 2018

• Build infrastructure

• Install solar paneling

AUG 2018

• Commence eco-friendly mining

• Network with organisations to use blockchain technology for their business

SEP 2018

• Network with companies with an existing medical cannabis license to discuss partnerships

• Start growing product

OCT 2018

• First medical cannabis sales

• Improve internal process and measures

JAN 2019

• Expansion into a new farm and territory

• Continually increase networks using the KPR blockchain process in their supply chain

JUL 2019

$100 million Australian industry in just year 1

With extremely strong growth to follow, estimated by a Sydney University study.

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KPR Coins

The purpose of the KPR Coin’s block chain is for transparency and security in a new, highly regulated industry. There will be security checks upon portal registration that only licensed professionals are able to access buying cannabis products. The KPR Coin block chain will follow the supply chain process from the point of sale to the receipt of the product by the customer and provide a great level of confidence in the future of the industry.


License professionals use the KPRMS secure portal to register an account.


Their medical cannabis license is checked for validity.

3.Select Products

The licensed professional selects the products they wish to buy under the selection and quantity limitations of their license.

4.Purchase Goods

The product is able to be purchased using Australian Dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum or KPR Coins. The purchase converts the transaction into KPR Coins bought off the market and sends them to a secure clearing wallet for goods to quality tested.

5.Quality Testing

When the product is grown, a successful reading will send the KPR Coins to a packaging secure wallet. An unsuccessful reading sends the KPR Coins to the same address of quality testing, ready to have the next batch tested.

6.Products are Packaged

When the product is ready to be cut and packaged, the package bar code is scanned upon completion and sends the KPR Coins to a shipping secure wallet.

7.Product is Shipped

The bar code is scanned again upon being loaded onto transportation for shipping which sends the KPR Coins to a new secure delivery wallet

8.Customer Receives Product

When the delivery is complete the customer is to sign for the receipt of the product. The bar code is scanned one more time and geographically tagged by the scanner to confirm the product’s destination. Upon this scan the KPR Coins are sold back to the market.

KPR Coins Value

Once fully operational, KPR Medical Solutions plans to make the KPR Coin an acceptable currency for licensed entities and doctors to purchase our cannabis products.

This is not a pre-mined coin; Our KPR Coins are only minted when bought with Ethereum and the founders will not receive their coins until the ICO process has ended. This will help to keep the value of KPR Coin by avoiding an initial coin dump. Founders will also not be permitted to trade their KPR Coins within 12 months of the ICO.

Our Farm

16 sheds will be built initially. We project this will double to approximately 20-30 in the following 3-5 years, with 5-10 High CBD flower sheds and available outdoor crops within 5 years.

The site will utilise a 100+MW solar/wind/or other renewable power system to honour its 100% renewable and eco-friendly guarantee.

The inspiration for Kathryn Patricia Richards(KPR) Medical Solutions

"On the 29th of April 2015, I received the worst phone call of my life. My partner and soul mate of 10 years had just been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. At this point of my life, I dropped everything, including my successful flower farm business, to be by Kate’s side. I was there every step of the way with our 7-year-old daughter Chey.

During the period when Kate was having treatment, the pain and suffering she was going through was honestly heart breaking. I felt so helpless, and needed to try something, as a result, I consulted with a number of doctors and conducted extensive research into ways I could help reduce the pain she was going through. Due to my studies and research, I established that Medicinal Cannabis would have helped her so much. I further established that Medicinal Cannabis had been legalised in other countries including Canada and USA. Unfortunately however, at this time Medicinal Cannabis was not legal in Australia. Devastatingly, Kate past away six weeks after her diagnoses.

This caused me to hit rock bottom. I felt like I lost everything. It has been two years now, and I have slowly made my way out of depression, determined, to put my horticulture skills toward providing medical grade cannabis oil to those going through similar pain Kate went through.

In early 2017 I heard that Medicinal Cannabis had formally been legalised by the Australian Federal Government. This is where my passion for this industry greatly increased. This is where the business KPR (Kate Patricia Richards) Medical Solutions began. From this, I have a number of business partners equally passionate about the industry and envisage putting our skills to use."

-Alain d'Ombrille (Founding Director)

Meet the Team

Alain d'Ombrille

Founding Director of KPR, Head Horticulturist & Business Development Manager

Matthew Young

Founding Director of RMA & Lead Developer

Pankaj Gupta

Business Advisor and Partnership Manager

Jet Yap

Corporate Advisor

Alina Zerguine

Developer and Website Manager

Ihab Ahmed

Graphic Designer

Farshad Mubaraki

Chief Portfolio Officer

Paul Seils

Advisor and Key Relationship Manager

Our Partners

Renewable Mining Australia

Eco-friendly bitcoin mining company


Medicinal Cannabis Education by a Doctor

Medical Cannabis Council

Shaping the Medical Cannabis Industry

Mo Works Creative Agency

ICO Marketing Agency located in Melbourne with hands wrapped around the globe.


What makes KPR Coins different?

KPR Coins will be using its blockchain to provide transparency and security in the supply chain to the medical cannabis industry in Australia.

A secure portal will be set up for licenced professionals and pharmaceutical companies to purchase from a network of medical cannabis companies in Australia.

The legal purchase will convert the monetary transaction to KPR Coins and transfer the coins along the supply chain process, as the product gets closer to approaching customer delivery. The blockchain will track the transaction from the licenced purchase, through growth, testing, packaging and delivery, to provide transparency in an industry often poorly perceived in the medical industry.

The technology intends to reduce the negative perception of cannabis over time as an illegal product and to reduce the number of untreated individuals. It will address the image blocker, currently holding some doctors back from prescribing this new and successfully proven form of medication.

How many KPR Coins will I receive for my contribution?

For every 1 Ethereum transferred during the pre-ICO period you will receive 3000KPR. This includes a 20% bonus for purchasing in the pre-ICO.

For every 1 Ethereum transferred during the pre-ICO period you will receive 2000KPR.

When will I receive my KPR Coins?

It is extremely important that Ethereum is only sent to the KPR Coin deposit address from an ERC-20 compliant wallet. Eg. Metamask, MyEtherWallet.

KPR Coins will be sent back to you automatically as soon as your transfer is received. This is often approximately 10 minutes, but may be shorter or longer impacted by the gas limit paid for speed of the transfer.

How many KPR Coins will be listed during the ICO?

The pre-ICO and ICO will have 70,000,000 KPR Coins listed for purchase.

We will be running promotional activities, including but not limited to, referral bonuses and airdrops. Follow KPR Coin’s social media accounts for the opportunity to receive additional coins.

Why was an ICO chosen as the means for funding this business?

Crowdfunding is the best approach for achieving our business funding goals, without sacrificing our medical aspirations and also providing our generous contributors some tangible value in return for their contribution.

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Help us work towards an accessible and affordable source of medicinal relief.